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About the ABC Scripture Book for Adults

The ABC Scripture Book

The ABC Scripture Book was created to use with people who have a short attention span. This allows them to have focus time with familiar words.

This book was first created for my Dad, who had Alzheimer’s Disease in 1999. He was a retired pastor who was unable to locate anything in the Bible anymore. He found peace in the familiarity of these words. His attention span was very short, but he would sit and read the ABC Scripture Book for 20-30 minutes at a time, several times a day. It seemed to give him peace. Sometimes he would finish the book, put it down, and within another minute pick it up as if he hadn’t seen it before and begin reading it again. The book gave him the longest attention span of any therapy tool I had tried.

I found that for people with Bible familiarity this gave them peace each time they read the book. It tends to be more effective for people with dementia symptoms who had an active faith life and who are familiar with the Bible.

I have created this book for care givers in skilled nursing facilities so that they may create multiple books for one low cost. You will be able to download this TODAY and begin assembling the book. You will need to have a clear covered notebook and 26 sheet protectors for each book you make (sold separately) . Feel free to make multiple copies for various departments or residents.

There are four different versions that can be downloaded separately:

  1. The KING JAMES version may be more familiar for this generation of Christian patients. Click to see sample page.
  2. The New International Version is written in more contemporary language and has become the standard Study Bible over the past few decades. Click to see sample page.
  3. The PSALM AND PROVERBS version focuses on the Old Testament for Jewish or Christian residents. Click to see sample page.
  4. A Spanish version is also available. There will be more languages available in the future. Click to see sample page.

Although this was created for Skilled Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Centers, it can be downloaded by anyone who knows someone who can benefit from this tool. (ie church friend, neighbor etc)

I hope that the ABC Scripture Book continues to be an effective therapy tool and provides peace to all who read it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get this book?

After you submit your paypal payment, you will be emailed a link to download the book you are requesting. You will have 48 hours in which to down load the PDF file. You will then be able to print the book on your own printer.

How do I prepare this book once I print it?

The first sheet on the PDF file will tell you how to prepare the book. Simply put, the cover sheet will be placed in the cover of the notebook so that someone can see what the book is. The next 26 sheets will be placed in separate sheet protectors (provided by you.) and the final page will become the back of the notebook.

How long does it take to assemble the book?

Approximately 5 - 10 minutes.

Do I need to use sheet protectors?

I have discovered that this is the best way to keep them in “like new” condition. I also have found that the texture provides a focus as well as the reading of the scriptures.

Can I use colored paper or stickers?

I find white paper works best and is easier to read for the resident.

How is this book helpful?

I have found this helpful as a therapy tool to stimulate memory, faith and hope.

How many can I print once I receive the file?

You may print as many as you would like for your facility or family. The file does not have transfer rights, but you may make a copy for each of your residents whether you are in a facility of 6 or 160.

What if I don’t have a PAYPAL Account?

You may call (800) 757-0313 and have it put on a credit card. I will then email you the PDF file that you chose. I find that having a PAYPAL account is the safest way to conduct this transaction and you will receive your PDF file within a minute of using it.

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